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Z & A Business Intelligence Methodology

Our Business Intelligence Methodology is a proprietary integrated solution based on both industry standard methodologies and many years of real world experience deploying successful solutions for our clients globally.

Our Methodology is based on a three pronged approach consisting of
  • Strategy Methodology Z & A offers an innovative service designed to maximize the return in any business intelligence investment. The service offerings efficiency is gained from leveraging a proprietary tool designed to optimize the enterprise information asset management known as Information Portfolio Manager. The Information Discovery Methodology is designed to support the unique attributes of information management.
  • Development Methodology Z & A development methodology is designed to support the unique attributes of development phase. This methodology delivers a detailed solution framework for realizing the ROI as outlined in the Strategy methodology. This methodology takes into account the onsite / offshore distribution of work to reduce the total cost of ownership.
  • Support and Maintenance : An effective support methodology and process can easily become the differentiator between usefulness and acceptance of BI & DW projects that are rolled out in the production environment. Z & As unique support methodology helps to plan for production support and also opens up the highest degree of opportunity for performing support services globally. Z & A Infotek offers 24x7 support for BI & DW applications.