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Z & A SAP Practice : 
Provides Rapid, High Quality, Cost Effective SAP Implementation & Support

UNLEASH THE POWER OF SAP Business Intelligence

  • Z & A SAP BI practice is designed to deliver the business intelligence strategy and technology expertise to companies that need to bring information to the right people at the right time.
  • Z & A consultants have extensive experience in SAP R/3, SAP NetWeaver, SAP BW, SAP XI and third party business analysis tools.
  • SAP BW implementations by the Z & A BI team leverage key NetWeaver functions such as user productivity enablement, business information management and business event management.

From an initial SAP BW implementation or upgrade, to augmentation of existing analytics, Z & A can provide the support and expertise required.

In today’s business environment, data is available from a number of sources and systems, but often it is not available in a format that is easy for managers to decipher and use. Rarely is it possible to look at a single report and get a good picture of the state of the organization. In most cases, key performance metrics and critical data points remain buried in an avalanche of numbers while incompatible databases and disconnected systems prevent the truly relevant data from being clearly identified.
SAP Business Intelligence solves this problem by presenting information in a consolidated and more meaningful manner.

Business Intelligence—The Key To Performance

Our SAP Practice offers the experience to develop and implement an integrated web based suite of corporate reporting tools that enable our clients to:

  • Extract data from multiple, disparate systems and technologies and access it at any time from any location
  • Easy Access to key business reports and metrics
  • Monitor critical success factors and establish alerts on key thresholds
  • Analyze and react to business performance using a standardized user friendly toolkit
  • Customize information to suit an individual’s role and needs

Our custom solutions are built upon SAP’s suite of Business Intelligence products coupled with our outstanding expertise in Enterprise Application Integration and are installed upon standardized, scaleable platforms that can be implemented in a modular manner as the needs of your business grow.
We take our clients beyond data review into data intelligence giving the right members of the organization the information they need and when they need it. We connect multiple data sources to consolidate the entire corporate picture for the executive and general management team eliminating the need to search through multiple systems and technologies to find critical data. This allows the company to streamline operations, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction. It also ensures that corporate strategy is being translated into action and results and critical goals and information are properly communicated.

The Z & A Approach

While it is true that you can not manage what you can not measure, it is equally true that measuring more does not equate to managing more or better. The key to delivering better results is to identify the data elements that decision makers need to manage their business and then present those elements in a meaningful manner. This is the Z & A approach to Business Performance Management.

Z & A works with you to identify the best solution for your business. Our Business Performance Management solution relies on an effective combination of standard management reporting and the targeted use of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and the Balanced Scorecard methodology. Using these tools, management can meaningfully communicate, monitor and adjust operational tactics to achieve their strategic goals.

Building on the Business Performance Management Solution blueprint, we develop a detailed technical design for your Business Intelligence system. Our extensive experience with SAP and our deep understanding of open, standards-based technologies ensures seamless integration between SAP Business Intelligence and your existing systems. We will clearly outline how Z & A will combine data from SAP and your other systems to create the meaningful comparisons and consolidations required. To reduce the possibility of data misinterpretation or distrust of data integrity, we also present a plan for handling any inconsistencies in terminology and treatment of transactional data across different departments. Best Practice Modeling techniques will be utilized to promote low total cost of ownership and help you maximize your investment. Finally requirements for middleware or third-party tools that may be beneficial will be identified.
In the Development phase, the actual system is constructed and tested. Tasks in this section of the implementation methodology are generally broken down into teams for data sourcing and for creating the forms, reports and queries. Upon successful user acceptance, final user training is provided and plans are made to take the implementation live. Once your implementation is complete, we can provide user training and knowledge management tools along with a broad range of other services and support to ensure that our solution performs at the optimal levels.