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Master Data Management

Many companies manage their master data at various sites and in several IT systems. The risk here is that conflicting information about customers, partners and products creeps in and some data records are duplicated. This results in slower business process and incorrect management reporting leading to competitive disadvantages and redundant work.

Customized and Streamlined Data

Our specialists will help you to streamline and synchronize your master data throughout the company in accordance with your organizational and business objectives. Our modular approach ensures that you will retain an overview of the project duration to measure the effort required to streamline the data. Our extensive implementation experience and detailed knowledge of SAP Master Data Management (SAP MDM) - ensure the data is of highest quality yet the outlay for administration is still kept down to a minimum.

Sustained Improvement of Processes

Central master data management will enable to :
  • Improve the quality and efficiency of reporting
  • Streamline and simplify processes
  • Reduce the overall operating costs in a sustained manner

Our solution to access and maintain consistent master data on customers, suppliers and products creates the basis for efficient logistic processes and offers strategic advantage to our clients. We help control business processes efficiently throughout the company enabling faster entry into the marketplace..

Our strategic approach, tool kit, governance model, accelerators and knowledge can help your company realize the full potential of SAP MDM. Our solutions will enable enforcement of data governance practices, validation of orders to ensure the enforcement of accurate part numbers and supplier rules and improve collaboration with suppliers, customers and partners.