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Z & A Unicode Solutions

If your systems need to support a large number of multiple code pages that are language-specific and platform-dependent, you need to convert to Unicode.

  • MDMP will no longer be (fully) supported from mySAP ERP 2005 onwards.
  • When using an SAP kernel 7.0 or later version or using SAP components based on NetWeaver version 2004s,

A Re-installation using WE8DEC or the Unicode character set, or implement a Unicode conversion before the SAP upgrade

  • The SAP Unicode conversion process is very complex.

  • There are a number of new tools specific to Unicode conversion that your employees need to spend time to learn.

  • You need to understand several procedures that are spread all over many SAP provided guides and many more OSS notes.

  • All the conversion steps need to be done precisely; else you will end up repeating the whole conversion or lose data.

  • Once you have converted to Unicode, your employees may never need to do the Unicode conversion again. So, the investment to train your employees for Unicode conversion procedures may not be right choice for you.

  • With our numerous experiences with Unicode conversions, we streamlined the entire procedure into precise steps that we can execute expeditiously.

  • We execute all the required steps SAP instructs with great care and complete documentation.

  • We have executed successfully both Upgrade and Unicode projects simultaneously.