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Z & A SAP Practice 
Provides Rapid, High Quality, Cost Effective SAP Implementation & Support

xApps Development

xApps or cross applications are business applications developed in Java and based on SAP NetWeaver platform. The applications are designed to run on top of existing heterogeneous IT systems integrating them into cross-functional end to end business systems that let you execute enterprise-wide strategies with greater ease and efficiency.

xApps packaged composite applications such as SAP xApp Resource and Portfolio Management (xRPM), SAP xApp Product Definition (xPD), SAP xApp Cost and Quotation Management (xCQM), SAP xApp Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (xMII) enable continuous business innovation and provide the flexibility necessary to respond quickly and profitably to business change without disrupting existing IT investments.

Z & A offers SAP NetWeaver experience and the full scope of services covering the development life cycle of xApps, a new breed of packaged composite applications that integrate existing (heterogeneous) IT environment to orchestrate new cross-functional business processes.

Our xApps Offering
  • Based on Enterprise Services Architecture (ESA).
  • Using all the powerful cornerstones of SAP NetWeaver like Business Intelligence (BI), Knowledge Management (KM), Master Data Management (MDM), Exchange Infrastructure (XI).
  • Running on SAP Web Application Server (Web AS J2EE Engine).
  • Integrated into the landscape of existing SAP systems like SAP HR, CRM, ERP, SCM & PLM.
  • Front-end based on Web Dynpro or other technologies.
  • Back-end based on Composite Application Framework (CAF) or ABAP Objects, and such technologies as Business Workflow, J2EE (EJB, Jco, JDO), API, Guided Procedure (GP) Framework.
  • Independent data layer allowing for access to different data sources.
  • Component Design and Integration with SAP Enterprise Portal.
  • Full Product and Performance Testing Cycle.
  • Integration with existing IT systems.
  • Maintenance and Support.
  • Consulting and Training services.
Z & A Advantage
  • Experience in collaborative development of SAP xApps.
  • Unmatched SAP NetWeaver engineering expertise.
  • Unique experience of SAP xApps development with SAP composite application SAP xRPM.
  • Complex development projects successfully delivered.
  • Offshore service delivery economies.