SAP Solutions
SAP Solutions
  SAP BI (Business Intelligence)
  XI (Exchange Infrastructure)
  SAP Enterprise Portal
  SAP Solution manager
  Zen Labs
  SAP Project Management
  SAP Upgrade
  SAP Unicode services
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Z & A SAP Practice 
Provides Rapid, High Quality, Cost Effective SAP Implementation & Support

Services and Solutions

Our SAP Practice is all about talent and our knowledge base. Z & A’s clients have enjoyed the tremendous flexibility, quality and speed of our Solutions and Services. Our Fortune 500, mid market and small business clients characterize our Solutions Practice as creative, innovative and highly effective. Z & A’s expertise ensures Optimal SAP performance levels for our clients.

The Z & A Advantage
  • Our SAP Practice provides rapid, high-quality, cost-effective SAP implementation assistance, as well as support for on-going operations.
  • Our unique combination of people, processes, and products (i.e., knowledge assets and tools) ensures clients get the most from their SAP investment.
  • Our philosophy is to implement the basic system quickly, so our clients can immediately begin using the system for hands-on configuration, prototyping, and training.
  • This approach minimizes the risks associated with ERP, reduces the implementation timeframes and accelerates the realization of benefits
Our Areas of Expertise
  • SAP Netweaver
  • SAP BI
  • SAP XI
  • SAP Enterprise Portal
  • SAP Solution Manager
  • SAP Upgrade
  • Unicode Services
  • ZEN Labs.
  • SAP Project Management
  • SAP xApps