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Matching Up Your Needs With The Right Solutions

Today’s business environment is more complex, faster paced and less predictable than ever. New market opportunities and competitive pressures require companies to have the flexibility and agility to respond quickly to customer demands. An organization can achieve both flexibility and agility with Business Integration.

Z & A’s Business Integration engagements have improved the efficiency and effectiveness of our clients business processes. The focus is on the quality and timeliness of information and the ability to provide it on demand, regardless of the source or location of that information. This approach ultimately reduces the time and cost of managing information and minimizes the use of IT resources.

There are numerous Business Integration solutions involving different types of technology, but overall business agility and flexibility cannot be achieved just by implementing integration technology on a project by project basis.

Z & A approach is based on an overall strategy to fit all the pieces together.

Our Services include the following:
  • Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)
  • Enterprise Information Integration (EII)
  • Business Process Management (BPM)
  • Use of Portals

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

It is common for organizations to add layers of custom built and packaged business applications to their IT infrastructure. The resulting complexity and decentralization of information encourages redundant processes and impedes timely access to relevant information.

Z & A’s EAI solution provides synchronization of processes and data which exist in a set of applications or systems. Once an EAI solution is implemented a change in one system is propagated to the others usually through messaging. A service-oriented architecture exposes the business logic as enterprise services, which allows new applications to be added without significant rework or investment. As a result, information previously hidden is now available to the organization.

Enterprise Information Integration (EII)

EII provides holistic views of enterprise entities across disparate systems. This may involve accessing data from systems and restructuring it, reformatting the data and presenting it to the user for viewing and manipulation. Z & A’s EII solution provides an integrated, unified view by gathering data from multiple sources so that users can access the information immediately. An appropriate EII solution can be invaluable in the management of data, while providing a streamlined approach to future application development and maintenance.

Business Process Management (BPM)

BPM is a methodology that is based on a premise that every organization can be defined as a set of processes. Problems arise when business changes and requirements result in the addition of processes with no consideration and review of existing processes. With extensive experience in analyzing end to end business processes, Z & A is uniquely qualified to review your business changes and the impact to existing processes and recommend the BPM solution that meets the business needs of the organization.

Our goal is to improve your multi step business processes by eliminating manual data transfer and redundant processes, while automating those processes within your organization and with suppliers, partners and customers. The resulting time and cost efficiencies enable your organization to realize the benefits of streamlined business interactions without changing the underlying applications.

Use of Portals

Portals have evolved from Internet search engines to decision support tools that provide comprehensive access to information, applications and people. A B2E (Business to Employee) portal is typically designed to service roles found within the organization, a B2B (Business to Business) portal includes customers, vendors and others outside the organization.

A portal designed by Z & A is an empowering, unifying force that can provide many important benefits to the organization, including:

  • Quicker, better informed decisions because of the availability of relevant information from diverse sources.
  • Timely, comprehensive access to corporate knowledge and resources from improved collaboration and community building.
  • Enhanced employee performance because of a single, personalized, consistent view of the extended organization with sophisticated search capabilities.

Z & A has extensive experience in the design and implementation of portals. For a client who has no portal, our umbrella methodology includes the architecture, design, development, deployment and management of the resulting organizational changes for the client.