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The true value of Business Intelligence is enabling your organization to contain costs and increase revenue stream. BI technology can be leveraged to improve the business processes related to revenue generation, product development, customer acquisition and retention, cross-selling, inventory management and new market development. Z & A helps you to achieve these results using several components of BI.

Data Quality

Z & A will help you generate real dollar savings by conducting an investigation to identify data integrity issues and developing a plan to address them.

Metadata Management

Many organizations struggle to find the data they need and often is presented in a meaningless way. Z & A can help your organization establish an effective metadata management environment that will ensure a well-managed and standards based information management organization. In other words, you’ll get everyone on the same page. Better management of your data translates into lower project costs and better decision making.

Data Governance

Poor governance accounts for a majority of issues on any data integration project. Z & A can establish a data governance program to help you accelerate your data integration projects and

  • Ensure implementation efforts are guided by business priorities and requirements.
  • Connect BI/DW requirements to other enterprise initiatives such as Portal, Balanced Scorecard, Data Storage Systems and Infrastructure initiatives.
  • Allow core, shared and unique information needs to drive reporting strategy and delivery approach.
  • Develop a repeatable and consistent approach to business and technical priorities.
  • Adapt quickly to take advantage of changing business conditions.

Analysis and Reporting

By focusing on analysis and reporting solutions that work for your business, Z & A helps you make informed forward thinking decisions with real time data.

Data Conversion/Migration

Whether you are building a Data Warehouse, implementing an ERP package or integrating data from a merger or acquisition, legacy data must be converted or migrated. Many industry analysts report that these costs can be as high as 40% to 70% of a project’s budget. By using best practices and pragmatic solutions, Z & A will help you reduce these costs and keep your projects on schedule and on budget.

BI Center of Excellence (COE)

Many companies allocate funds for BI/DW and related initiatives on a project basis. From a budgeting perspective this makes sense, but it often leads to a duplication of effort as each project team develops their own set of databases, transformations and reports using whatever tools or resources they feel appropriate. Z & A helps you implement a centralized approach to managing projects by instituting a BI COE that will help you achieve a strategic, cohesive enterprise wide Data Warehousing environment - whether an organization is just starting out in BI/DW or continuing to evolve its strategy.