Risk & Compliance
Specializing in Enterprise Risk Management and Compliance for Financial Institutions.
Delivering Innovative Risk Management Solutions

Z& A understands that Corporate Governance, Compliance and Risk Management is a domain where the only constant is ”Change”. Financial institutions devote a huge amount of time, money & resources to stay competitive in the marketplace. Z & A ‘s proprietary solution (ZInsight and RDCS) enables companies to have in place a Governance, Risk Management and Compliance Strategy and continuously adapt to changing laws, regulations and stakeholder expectations. Our effective strategy can positively impact shareholder value and empower organizations to improve business and operational efficiency.

Our solutions (ZInsight and RDCS) offer a complete, flexible & easily customizable risk management solution for banks and financial institutions complying with the Advanced Internal Ratings Based (A-IRB) approach.

Z & A’s proprietary solutions of ZInsight and RDCS has been developed using our vast financial industry domain experience. Our Risk specialists provides broad lifecycle advisory services, from strategy to assisting with implementations, delivered by global multi-disciplinary risk service teams. Our specialists will review data and processes within credit, market & operational risk to provide a gap analysis of the "distance to travel" between current practice and that required for A-IRB status. Z & A brings our knowledge of best practice risk management to recommend enhancements to your current operations using RDCS solutions.