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Z & A Inc will focus on helping you make the most of your People, Technology solutions and Methods to help achieve your project objectives and enhance your return on investment.  We will empower you to streamline your operations, lower operational expenses, improve asset performance, and make intelligent continuous improvement decisions now and in the future.

Our business value is highly focused on our specialized area of expertise. We deliver Maintenance Operational Improvement (MOI) services which are broken down into four concentrations:

  • Best Practices Benchmarking and Goal Setting
  • Process Design Improvement
  • Software Implementation, Configuration and Training
  • Maintenance Reporting to Improve Management Decision Making and Guide Continuous Improvement

Our clients recognizes that the maintenance budget represents the largest "controllable" operational expense item and our goal is to ensure that you get the most value for every maintenance decision being made.

Our client feedback encapsulates the reasons Z & A Inc. is consistently chosen over other alternatives.  The primary reasons for selecting Z & A Inc. are the quality of our team, our comparative value, our network of value-added recommendations, our project methodology, maintenance expertise, and technology experience.

Our Distinction:
  • Our clients, alliance partners and even our competitors recognize that our people are second to none. We have more real-world, hands-on experience in both maintenance and the technologies.
  • Value is the second distinction due to our personnel quality. We hire experienced veterans committed to your success that don't require time-consuming management guidance. Competitive rates and the lean management overhead savings passed on to our clients result in exceptional value.
  • Our client references are 100% positive. Our clients are the key to our consistent growth through word of mouth references and repeat business.
Our Methods:
  • Our fully-developed best practices methodology, the Application Implementation Methodology (AIM), guides us through the essential project steps and sequence to achieve sustainable results.
  • The Z & A Inc approach begins with the end goals in mind. We start by defining a reporting structure that meets your financial and operational needs, and then develop the processes and configure the software to fulfill the process improvements and reporting requirements.
Strategic Results:
  • Maintenance Operational Improvement
  • Cost Reductions
  • Labor Efficiencies
  • MRO Inventory Optimization
  • Business Intelligence and Continuous Improvement