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Specializing in Enterprise Risk Management and Compliance for Financial Institutions.

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

Helping Companies Manage Risk across the Enterprise.

Does your Organization Control its Business Risks, or is it Controlled by them?

The governance landscape has been continuously changing and over the past few years, reforms in the regulatory environment (Basel II, Sarbanes-Oxley & Solvency II) have set a high standard for public companies to comply with. More than ever before, the burden is on companies and their executives, particularly CEOs and CFOs, to make their financial reporting transparent and accountable.

Z & A‘s ERM framework solution helps companies to
  • Develop an enterprise-wide program to anticipate, understand and manage a broad spectrum of strategic and operational risk.
  • Meet Regulatory Compliance requirements to proactively manage all business risks, whether it is Financial, Operational, IT or Brand related.
  • Document and assess risks, define controls, manage assessments and audits, identify issues and implement recommendations or remediation plans.
  • Provide powerful tools for risk analysis and monitoring using our Risk Calculators and Risk Heat Maps.

Z & A’s ERM solution offers a paradigm shift for organizations to approach risk by building a robust control framework to mitigate risks, hence avoiding failures and protecting shareholder value As a leader in ERM, Z &A's risk and process experts help clients implement a uniform approach to risk identification, assessment and mitigation across their organization.

Z & A’s ZInsight is our proprietary solution for ERM.