Financial Controls
Risk & Compliance
Specializing in Enterprise Risk Management and Compliance for Financial Institutions.

Financial controls management is driven by the need to comply with the growing number of financial reporting regulations worldwide, such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act in the United States, JSOX in Japan, Loi de Sécurité Financière in France, Turnbull in the United Kingdom, and Bill 198 in Canada.

Z & A’s financial control solution covers all aspects of Regulatory Financial Reporting which vary from country to country and will provide :

  • Certified accuracy of financial statements and disclosures.
  • Periodic reports indicating significant changes in financial controls and disclose all deficiencies in the design or operation of financial controls.
  • Auditor’s certification and report on management’s assessment of financial controls.
  • Compliance with financial controls regulations thereby avoiding forced public disclosures and maintain shareholder confidence and company brand in the marketplace.

    Our ERM solutions will strengthen internal controls and mitigate fraud. As part of our ERM solution, Financial Control management is a key building block in implementing an enterprise-wide, integrated approach to risk and compliance management.

Z & A’s Risk Discovery Compliance Service (RDCS) solution is a policy-driven, process centric way to manage financial controls compliance through self-assessments, certifications, and compliance automation. RDCS executive dashboards provide management with the visibility, control and decision support required to ensure financial reporting compliance and optimize business performance.