Industry Focus

Industry consolidation, deregulation, Investor sophistication and technology innovation shape Financial Services in today's dynamic environment and global economy. The scope of changes in Financial Services have created the need for a new generation of solutions that operate in real time with flawless reliability and support.

Z & A's long-term relationships with leading financial services organizations have enabled us to build an in-depth understanding of the financial services market. This allowed us to design and develop solutions, which help our customers differentiate them in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Z & A offers services in
  • Stock Exchange and Brokerage House Solutions
  • Corporate Actions
  • Portfolio Management, Performance and Risk Assessment
  • Retail and Consumer Banking
  • Corporate and Investment Banking
  • Treasury Broker Dealer Operations

Z & A's domain experts armed with extensive industry expertise and technology skills, build software solutions for today's multi-currency, multi-commodity and multi-location environment. Our solutions help our customers to keep pace with technological advances, reduce cycle time (STP) across business processes, and become efficient and proactive to their customers while reducing costs and risks.