Industry Focus

Z & A has an in-depth understanding of the Insurance industry, with years of experience in providing the entire gamut of solutions to industry leaders. Our insurance practice has harnessed this experience and expertise in developing conceptual models, process flows and other assets for the life and non-life sectors.

The insurance industry worldwide is facing the challenges of deregulation, consolidation and convergence of financial services. There is today a pressing demand for cutting edge services and enriched customer experiences at a significantly lower cost. It is imperative that insurance players be able to transform distribution channels, sell complex yet flexible products online, and address security and privacy concerns for a strategic competitive advantage.

Z & A has an in-depth understanding of the insurance business, and has dedicated insurance practice to cater to the specific business requirements of the industry. Our team of insurance consultants has developed conceptual frameworks, process flows and other assets that enable a detailed analysis of both the life and non-life sectors.

We have developed solutions that address the entire gamut of business needs, including product development, sales, underwriting, policy administration, claims management, insurance brokerage, re-insurance, billings, underwriting, binding and receivables.

We have been closely associated with leading overseas insurance players and have accumulated years of valuable experience in developing and implementing solutions for these Insurance companies.

Our value proposition

With its strong domain and technical expertise, Z & A provides superior solutions to its customers that help them achieve their business directives. Z & A provides both niche and end-to-end solutions that address a client's business and technology needs at the strategic and operational levels. From business plan preparation, architecture and Business Process Outsource consulting to engineering- complex applications and next-generation information technology infrastructure, Z & A has the expertise to provide it all -- by combining its insurance business knowledge with its proven experience in diverse technologies. Our 'competency factory' has developed plug-and-play components that can be implemented 'as is', or customized to suit client needs. We also employ special tools and utilities, based on project requirements, for re-engineering of applications, productivity enhancement, and testing.