Industry Focus

Z & A's Manufacturing and Logistics practice helps organizations improve operational efficiencies, enhance responsiveness and collaborate with trading partners to better serve their end customers.

Z & A leverages a comprehensive understanding of the business and technology drivers of the industry.

Supply Chain Management Solutions

Our supply chain offerings help organizations manage information across the supply chain efficiently, resulting in the optimization of resources, reduced inventory levels, and improved customer service.

Warehouse and Yard Management Solutions

Our Warehouse and Yard Management systems (WMS/YMS) provide for cost effective warehouse management and enhanced collaboration with the trading partners.

Transportation Management Solutions

Our Transportation Management Solutions provide robust transportation planning, optimization and execution capabilities. We help Third Party Logistics (3PL) services providers, distributors, and fulfillment companies to gain end-to-end visibility of shipments.

Optimization Solutions

Our supply chain optimization solutions address the utilization of transportation resources and improves the labor and space utilization for warehouse and yard management operations.

Portal Solutions

Our portal solutions help in managing sales activities, marketing programs, and enhancing support and service functions for several large manufacturers.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions

We help manufacturers to improve operational efficiencies, through offerings ranging from custom designed solutions to the implementation and management of various Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) based solutions.