Industry Focus

The Pharmaceutical industry is continually facing the challenge to keep updating the market with new solutions in Pharma each year to be if not ahead, at least with par with competition. We partner with our clients undertaking the IT solutions and implementations and allow our clients to focus on where their time is best invested, namely, pharmaceutical business. We implement solutions from drug research to marketing.

Z & A, a subsidiary and alliance partner of IMS Health, has been building solutions for the Pharmaceutical/Life Science Industry for almost a decade. Our rich inheritance and substantial technology base and experience offer a truly unique value.

By understanding Pharmaceutical business challenges and delivering exceptional technology solutions, we provide unparalleled customized solutions for the Pharmaceutical/Life Science Industry.

Our solutions include
  • Data integration and Data Warehousing
  • Prescriber behavior analysis and insight
  • Customer Relationship Management systems
  • Sales Force Compensation systems
  • Data Mining
  • Sales Data and Claims Data management systems
  • Longitudinal Patient Data management systems
  • Business Intelligence solutions
  • Clinical Trial solutions
  • 21CFR11 assessment and Computer Systems Validation
  • Application Management for legacy systems
  • e-Business
  • Data Portals
  • ERP implémentation, upgrade, and maintenance services.

    Z & A can accelerate speed-to-market for cost-efficient IT solutions - improving competitive advantage.