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Matching Up Your Needs With The Right Solutions

The Information Technology segment of the marketplace is as hot as it has ever been. Our ability to effectively manage a continuous pipeline of qualified IT professionals enables our clients to rely on us to supplement their staff with the highest level candidates for their ever increasing opportunities.

Z & A offers contract and contract to hire opportunities and is committed to conducting business with pride, integrity and the highest ethical practices. If your organization requires an IT professional to fill a specific need or a team of professionals to complete a project or complement the existing team, Z & A is ready to work for you.

How it Works

Z & A recruits and hires technical professionals on the basis of both their technical and soft skills. With Team Services, we take this a step further by matching our high performers with your requested technical abilities and proven leadership and team skills. We identify individuals whose abilities, styles and personalities complement one another for a dynamic that creates exceptional teamwork. Our integrated procedure is certain to produce the best candidate to fill your vacancy at an agreed upon fixed price.
Z & A has extensive experience providing consultants to include Project Managers, Systems Architects, Programmer/Analysts, Business Analysts, Database Designers, Developers, Database Administrators as well as Testers and Technical Support personnel.