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What is AIM?

Implementing mission-critical applications is a complex and highly challenging task. Z&A Inc. a leader in implementation of business application solutions for companies all over the world, has years of experience with hundreds of successful business application implementations. Z&A Inc. understands that to successfully implement business applications today, organizations must embrace a proven, structured method to guide the implementation, manage risk, and avoid missteps.

Within this structured framework, however, the method must be flexible enough for the implementation effort to be tailored to the specific and unique needs of the organization. Oracle’s Application Implementation Method (AIM Advantage) is a proven, flexible and scalable process and toolkit used to successfully implement Oracle E-Business Suite. Z & A Inc. use Oracle’s AIM Methodology in the implementation/upgrade process at client sites.

Benefits of AIM Methodology

Z & A Inc. users, AIM Advantage builds quality control checkpoints into the project. Periodic management reviews and acceptance points ensure that implementation efforts stay aligned with the project plan and the organization’s business objectives.

Z & A Inc. users, AIM Advantage incorporates business process design and modeling to align the organization’s business processes with strategic business objectives and build industry leading practices into the implementation. Through its integration with Oracle Business Models (OBM), AIM Advantage provides pre-defined, leading practice business process models to streamline the process design effort. Oracle Applications functionality supports OBM’s pre-defined business processes.

Z & A Inc. users, AIM Advantage includes organizational change management processes to facilitate communication, learning and process adoption throughout the organization. The benefit to the organization is a solution that encompasses people, business processes and technology requirements. AIM Advantage eliminates common implementation errors from the implementation.