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Helping organizations achieve the promises of SOA

Organizations are under enormous pressure to respond more quickly to the changing demands of their customers, partners, suppliers and employees. Z &A’s Service oriented architecture (SOA) promises to deliver the speed and adaptability, businesses and governments need to make their organizations more service driven. Our solutions in SOA is an architectural approach built on a technology foundation that packages reusable business activity components as well defined services. We enable organizations to break down silos within and between enterprises and create new business processes on the fly, through inexpensive, timely and multiple use development.

Launching your SOA Initiative

As with any business and IT investment, SOA requires a formal ROI analysis. Z & A helps clients develop their SOA business case identifying cost savings, business benefits and risks. As a strategic planning partner, Z & A assists in the coordination of executive and stakeholder involvement to accomplish the following:

  • Selection of the right services to expose, including those that will deliver the earliest benefits.
  • Development of a governance framework that includes service level agreements and the proper decision making processes and enforcement.
  • Selection of the appropriate technologies that best meet clients’ current and future requirements.

Within all of these services, Z & A stresses an incremental rather than “big-bang” approach, which helps SOA evolve into the culture, while building credibility and keeping focus on the “big picture” of SOA’s end state.

Implementing SOA

Through our solid project management expertise and development methodologies, Z & A’s SOA project manager and enterprise architect work closely with the client to implement SOA within and outside of the enterprise. As part of our implementation services, Z & A provides the following:
Definition and implementation of a mechanism to monitor and measure metrics, which are tied to established governance processes
Development of formal methods for collaboration, status reporting, issue resolution and escalation
Performance of system health checks at both the service and business process level
Alignment with industry standards, best practices and reference models which are tailored to the specific needs of our client’s operation.

Just as e-commerce has become a part of business, at some point in SOA’s evolution, it will also be a critical component of business. Through Z & A’s implementation services, we help clients plan the transition to normal from the start, treating your implementation as a journey and not just a project.