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Providing integrated functional and technical solutions for our customers

Z & A’s unique iterative approach in Oracle implementation is to use our functional expertise and Oracle's Application Implementation Methodology (AIM) to meet our client's timelines as well as budgetary requirements. Z & A’s methodology includes business process mapping, GAP analysis, architecture assessment, data & application conversion/migration, customizations, interfaces, extensions, third-party integration, knowledge transfer and user training.

Why Z & A and Oracle?

Our Consultants are qualified to advise you on strategic initiatives based on Oracle technology. With more than 2,000 engagements worldwide, we understand your industry, processes, and technology requirements.
Our innovative Oracle solutions are designed to solve specific industry problems. Our cross competency teams bring together extensive Oracle, PeopleSoft and Siebel experience to help you:

  • Protect your investments in ERP, applications and technology
  • Extend investments with leading BI solutions
  • Evolve with advanced technologies, such as SOA

We’re in step with Oracle. Our highly collaborative teams have been working together for 13 years, giving us deep experience in Oracle technologies and greatly reducing client risk. we have developed relationships with them to help guide product direction and escalate client isssues for quick resolution. We’re organized by region, so it’s easy to connect with the right person to deliver outstanding solutions and services.