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Oracle Defeats SAP At Minnkota Power Another Win for Oracle EAM

About Minnkota Power

The Minnkota Power Cooperative keeps the juice flowing to power users in northwestern Minnesota and eastern North Dakota. The generation and transmission cooperative supplies electricity to 11 distribution cooperatives and 12 municipal utilities, which in turn serve more than 114,000 retail customers in a 34,500 sq. ml. region. Minnikota owns and operates a 235 MW lignite coal-fired generation plant in Center, N.D.; also at the site it operates a 440 MW generator owned by Square Butte Cooperative. The cooperative is also pushing green power through its ownership of two wind turbines.

Minnkota Power Cooperative was running a Legacy system on an old IBM Mainframe. Due to Minnkota's growth the current system became cumbersome, difficult to maintain, and was no longer economically viable to enhance. They were also growing concerned that their legacy system was no longer going to be supported and people where growing ever increasingly hard to find. Minnkota's engineering department also needed more enhanced reporting. The solution: Oracle's E-Business Suite implemented by Z & A Inc., an experienced E- Business Suite partner.

Project Goals
  • Reduce Maintenance Cost
  • Reduce Purchasing Spending
  • Fully Integrated System
  • Improve Inventory Management

Z & A Inc. worked with Oracle to help Minnkota understand how Oracle's Software will work within their business requirements. Z & A Inc. helped Minnkota develop a project plan and walked them through the entire implementation process. Per the It Director, "With all things being equal between SAP and Oracle, it was our comfort factor with Z & A Inc. 's Implementation plan that made the difference being on time, and on budget. SAP could not come up with a concrete integration strategy."

Modules Implemented

Z & A Inc. and Minnkota implemented the E-Business Suite Modules on time and on budget. The project included software installation, training, and post-production support and in involved the following E-Business Suite Modules:

  • Enterprise Asset Management (eAM)
  • Project Billing
  • Project Manufacturing
  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Fixed Assests
  • Cash Management
  • E-Business intelligence
  • Purchasing
  • iProcurement
  • Sourcing
  • Inventory
  • Human Resources
  • Payroll Advance Benefits
Oracle Team

ASM- Mark Guttler
EAM- Kevin Kling
Partner- Senal Jayamaha (Z & A Inc.)