Governance, Risk and Compliance
Risk & Compliance
Specializing in Enterprise Risk Management and Compliance for Financial Institutions.

Z & A is a global leader in providing Enterprise Risk Management solutions to Financial Instituions and Banks across the globe. Z & A provides Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Solutions, Advanced Business Analytics and Discovery Compliance services as part of its portfolio of services. Our comprehensive understanding of financial institutions, markets and economies, enables us to develop and manage better solutions for organizations to stay ahead in the marketplace and build relationships to make their businesses more profitable. Z & A promotes a highly professional environment in assisting clients to satisfy their requirements for Governance Risk and Compliance solutions.

Z & A’s Compliance & Risk Management solution focuses on the tools and technologies as well as the strategies and tactics needed to address regulatory, commercial and organizational compliance effectively and to minimize risks across the enterprise and to improve critical business processes. Our solution is designed to help you capitalize on the opportunities provided by Basel II to realize benefits in the short and long term. It leverages the experience of dedicated risk and compliance professionals, best-in-class technology and proven processes to accomplish the following :

  • Improve confidence in operational and financial integrity.
  • Maintain accurate and timely information that enhances visibility, measurement, management and sharing of risk.
  • Accurately measure risk through a consistent and systematic approach, as opposed to disparate views that are reactively managed.
  • Measure risks at business unit, business process, system and project level.
  • Provide consistency in terminology, measurement, compliance, and risk tolerance.
  • Quantify and justify risk decisions to support accurate response and decision making.

Z & A’s proactive approach enables top-line growth and allows clients to address complex issues and costs surrounding governance, regulations, risks, performance, sourcing, security, access and vendor selection.