Risk Dashboard
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Risk Dashboard

Z& A understands that in today's fast changing markets, risk levels for an organization can change in a matter of minutes. Top Management (CFO, CEO and CRO) need this information to be available at any given time to know the correct financial state of the organization. Z-Insight Risk Dashboard is a single snapshot of current enterprise wide risks for banking executives to assess and take remedial actions.

Z-Insight is our solution framework to address these issues.

Risk Dashboard, a key component of Z-Insight Discovery Compliance Engine offers the following:
  • Ability for business to quickly and fully assess earnings, risk, and capital distributions around assets and business units, so that enterprises can make more informed decisions to bolster investor confidence.
  • Design and implement a strategic enterprise risk metrics which will help monitor and evaluate key risks consistently across the organization through a secure, web-based enterprise risk dashboard.
  • An Enterprise view of risk by integrating across different lines of business and consolidating disparate financial and risk information to adequately compare and analyze the impact of risk on financial strength reflecting the impact on earnings and cash flow.
  • Evaluate and correctly assess risk based capital need, managing the balance between economic capital and financial liquidity as recommended in the BASEL II framework for capital adequacy.
  • Harnessing the power of IT in making Enterprise Risk Management effective and sustainable to perform complex yet very sophisticated business analytics centered around a business Intelligent solution.
Z-Insight Risk DashBoard Features
  • Banking visualization components optimized for dynamic simulations.
  • Drilldown charts & Detailed Risk Trend Analysis.
  • Detailed dashboard containing all three major risks separately.
  • Compliance reports pertaining to the SOX & BASEL-II.
  • Add-on library capability to design & develop online reports instantly.
  • Expanded Excel function support.
  • Unicode support.
  • Customized alert functionality for performance measurement.
  • Ability to export to different templates (Microsoft PowerPoint, Word and Outlook, PDF and the Web).
  • Ability to import images including Macromedia Flash (SWF) files.
Z-Insight Risk DashBoard Benefits
  • Manage positions and their associated risk in real-time
  • Gain competitive market advantage by assessing risks of financial instruments.
  • Pricing positions (Risk Adjusted Return on Capital) using Z-Insight financial libraries.
  • Increase efficiency by reducing the need for manual input.
  • Enable Straight Through Processing by integrating with third-party solutions.
  • Flexible Pricing and Deal Management.
  • Multiple Asset Support.
  • Reporting and Desktop Analytics.
  • Trade Automation.