Risk Data Mart
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Risk Data Mart

Z-Insight Risk Data Mart enables risk departments of banks and financial services organizations to store risk sensitive and risk weight computed data in a single Data Warehouse repository for enterprise-wide Basel II capital calculation and regulatory reporting. Our Z-Insight Risk Data Mart will offer the following value proposition:

  • Data Profiling

    Data is one of your company's most important assets and data integration constitutes the backbone of your enterprise's IT systems. Choosing the wrong technology for data integration can cause harmful, long-lasting effects that impact not only the IT budget, but also the productivity and responsiveness of critical business divisions within your enterprise.
    Z-insight Data Integrator, a key component of Z-insight, provides a strong and reliable integration platform for your IT infrastructure. Built on the next-generation architecture of Extract Transform Load (ETL), Z-insight Data Integrator delivers superior performance and scalability connecting heterogeneous systems at a lower cost than traditional, proprietary ETL products.

  • Data Quality Measurement

    Data quality analysis & measurement enables Data and Risk Analysts to identify, categorize and quantify low quality data. Data users can categorize low quality data against a framework of quality data attributes such as completeness, conformity, consistency, duplication, integrity and accuracy with business rules and references. The output will be in a drilldown graphical representation using a customized dashboard reporting system. Dashboard reports will provide a data quality scorecard enabling users to demonstrate progress regarding data quality improvements within an organization.

  • Cleansing Of Erroneous Data

    Our Comprehensive data cleansing and parsing capabilities enable Data and Risk Analysts to cleanse, standardize, validate, enhance and enrich all types of enterprise data including customer, product, financial, inventory and asset data. Z-Insight’s predefined Global Business Library will standardize and validate all new data within the enterprise across the globe. Our Data Quality framework will use business rules and reference data dictionaries to parse and standardize erroneous data elements. Our framework makes cleansing a regular and repetitive process validating data quality rules and will generate reports to demonstrate improvement.

  • Correction Of Data / Validation of accuracy

    The Z-insight Data Quality framework features a graphical user interface which can be used to design, build and manage individual data quality validations or more complex, enterprise-wide data quality initiatives.

  • Updating of Enterprise Data

    Our solution’s first step in this process is establishing a baseline of the current state of data quality that determines critical failure points and improvement targets. Z-Insight uses an iterative process of tracking, monitoring and managing to achieve high levels of data quality needed to improve business efficiency and transparency. Z-Insight will provide the platform to measure and monitor data quality throughout the business process lifecycle comparing the results over time to enable proactive management of ongoing data quality improvement and governance.