Risk Exception Manager
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Risk Exception Manager

Our Risk Exception Manager enables aligning the organization's strategies, processes, technology and knowledge with the purpose of improving its ability to evaluate and manage risks in a efficient way. It allows for the following :

  • Proactive Detection of Exceptions
  • Sophisticated Root-Cause Analysis
  • Ownership of Exception & E-mail Notification
  • Multi-Mode Exception Response
  • Impact Analysis and Reporting

Z-Insight Risk Exception Manager is a leading risk mitigation and control solution that enables financial institutions to proactively protect themselves and their customers from business interruptions and the related financial losses to fully comply with the related regulatory requirements.

Z-Insight Risk Exception Manager will provide the following :
  • Organizational exception data in one single format eliminating duplication.
  • A single repository of Risk Exception Generation prioritization and exception grading for risk data across the enterprise.
  • Information about the situation that caused the Exception which will be used for further problem determination and resolution.
  • Ability to track and monitor key risk indicators (KRIs), implement processes, and automate actions and notifications for any non compliant transaction or activity.
  • High-performance reconciliation of data and transactions from any system, according to a financial institution’s business rules.
  • Ability to have custom views of risk and exception data throughout the organization,
  • Scalable high-performance solution built on a services oriented architecture to work well within any corporate environment dealing with high-volume data transfer and reconciliation between systems.
  • Rules-driven processing engine which allows for automating manual and semi automated business processes improving process efficiency and accuracy.