Risk Issue Tracker
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Risk Issue Tracker

Z-Insight Risk Issue Tracker is a Risk Intelligent tool for Corporate Performance Management. Organizations around the world struggle to comply with new compliance regulations in areas such as Risk management, securities, money laundering, anti-terrorism and records management. Risk and compliance officers specially CFO’s and CRO’s of large financial institutions are constantly under surveillance by regulatory authorities for organization compliance and governance structure to track down every possible organization risk and report it on time.

Z-Insight Risk Issue Tracker helps an organization reduce cost and complexity of monitoring and managing corporate compliance programs.

Our risk issue tracker solution combines risk management software, services, advisory and content to help financial institutions get an integrated, enterprise-wide view of risk, meet regulatory requirements and make better business decisions.

Our enterprise risk management framework is leading the way with today's complex global markets and regulatory landscape, meeting all the challenges with an advanced yet practical solution

Z-insight Risk Issue Tracker offers Chief Risk Officers and Corporate Risk Department Head’s a solution to address industry challenges, including alternative hedging strategies, enterprise risk management and product lifecycle support.

Z-insight Risk Issue Tracker offers the following
  • Powerful workflow control, a sophisticated workflow tool to control important business processes including issue states and status transition.
  • Role based privileged control to access information and perform operations.
  • Role and state based access control that allows business users and project managers to limit individual user access to pages and fields based on their role or issue status.
  • Flexible team organization allowing for better collaboration and issue management with team grouping at the user level.
  • Auto routing and escalations to automatically route issues to appropriate users when an issue is created or forwarded. Issues that are open too long, past due or stagnant can also be automatically escalated to notify appropriate engineers or issue owners.
  • Email notification to send email through an extensive list of triggers and recipient choices.
  • Event and Task support to create and assign sub issues to different team members to help track and resolve parent issues. Status changes on a parent issue can automatically trigger the creation of predefined sub-issues.
  • Fully customizable and easily adaptable on different platforms.
  • Full audit trail and compliance with Basel-II requirements.