Risk Scoreboard
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Risk Score Card

Recognizing pattern abnormality helps companies identify fraud quickly and efficiently. After helping isolate the conditions and warning signs, Z-INSIGHT Risk Scorecard solutions can aid business in detection and prevention across the organization.
Risk Scorecard package is designed to enable your company to do this quickly and effectively. Business performance management takes many forms, but our solution will effectively combine the business practices and policies with the unforeseen risk information across the enterprise. In essence, Z-INSIGHT Risk Scorecard replaces two-dimensional ‘what happened’ spreadsheets with multi-dimensional ‘what if’ modeling..
The power of Z-INSIGHT Risk Scorecard results in making informed decisions to help achieve your business goals.

Z-insight Risk Scorecard is an Integrated Business Intelligence Platform which provides the following
  • Enterprise Risk Scorecards & Cause and Effect Analysis .
  • Present status of the organization from a risk perspectives
  • Diagnostic feedback and measures to mitigate risks
  • Process to drive business growth & control risks.
  • Trend analysis of Performance and Improvement measures.
  • Quantitative methods to enable predictive analysis to make better managerial decision.
Our Risk Scorecard will provide the following Advantages
  • Financial transparency.
  • Streamlined consolidated reporting.
  • Improvement in accuracy of plans and budgets.
  • Alignment of day to day operations with long-term goals.
  • Predict and respond to market changes.
  • Reduce costs and streamline processes.
  • Understand profit drivers and grow profitability.
  • Ease the strain of compliance requirements.