Risk Supervisory Structure
Risk & Compliance
Giving Technical Insight To Financial Institutions for Risk Management. 

Risk Supervisory Structure

Our RDCS’s Risk Supervisory Structure(RSS) is a robust and comprehensive solution for the Enterprise Risk Management to automate and manage Risk & Compliance efforts in a single, unified and scalable way. Our RSS prevents anyone from disseminating sensitive data which are the vital assets for any financial institutions.

Acknowledging Risk & Protecting Your Business

Z & A ‘s RSS is a industry leading tool to foster dialogue among the board, senior management, and business-unit leaders. Our RSS solution gives periodic reviews to the top decision makers to help them make more informed decisions on the tolerance of the current levels of risk and if the company has attractive opportunities to take on more risk and earn commensurately larger returns.
We enable Management the freedom to work in an environment where the potential rewards of any business decision are consciously weighted against the risks and where the company is happy with the level of risk-adjusted returns resulting from that decision.

Our RSS Solution will meet ensure that Risk Management and the Supervisory System will be NOT be independent of each other. Our solutions encompasses any new evolution in risk management and the reform of financial supervision and helps complement and reinforce each other.

Our RSS will help achieve the following four things :

1. Compliance and Risk Prevention

  • Avoid crisis within the organization
  • Comply with corporate governance standards
  • Avoid personal(NOT SURE WHAT IT MEANS ) liability failure

2. Operating Performance

  • Understand full range of risk facing the organization
  • Evaluate business strategy risks
  • Achieve best practices

3. Corporate Reputation

  • Protection of Corporate Reputation

4. Shareholder Value Enhancement

  • Enhance capital allocation
  • Improve returns through Value Based Management