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Even in this challenging economy, and in many cases because of it, manufacturers and distributors are seeking to optimize their supply chains in an effort to become more agile and efficient.

Companies today want to leverage existing tools and technologies to take cost out of their development, manufacture and delivery infrastructures, and also deliver better customer service and become more responsive to shifts in customer demand.

Z & A Inc. has supported supply chain, manufacturing and operations leaders for over a decade in enabling agile, collaborative, demand-driven supply chains. Our experienced consultants have worked in numerous industries and understand the nuances of specialized supply chains.

  • Supply chain strategy
  • Supply chain transformation
  • Capacity planning
  • Global trade management
  • Supply chain network optimization
  • Price and revenue optimization
  • Product sourcing and scenario management
  • Collaboration
  • Logistics cost reduction
  • One-number planning
  • Safety stock calculation
  • Detailed production scheduling
  • Detailed distribution scheduling

Technology is strategic enablers for our SCM professionals to deliver value to the enterprise. Z & A Inc. supports Demantra, PeopleSoft Enterprise Supply Chain Management, and Oracle E-Business Suite for ERP.