Risk & Compliance
Z-Insight, Discovery Compliance Engine.

Preventing the over or under capitalization of major financial institutions.

Financial Institutions are faced with meeting the challenges of increased supervisory review, transparency requirements and shareholder accountability regarding risk and regulatory capital. Basel II’s successful implementation and complete risk capital calculation is a challenge that is facing the financial services industry today. Increased regulation forces complying with laws and regulations, new levels of accountability & shareholder expectation, ensuring effective, robust and reliable governance and compliance.

Z & A has built a effective robust solution to help Financial Institutions to effectively monitor their Compliance and governance structure within the organizations and helping them maximize their business potential and manage risks at the best possible way.
Our Proprietary Solution Z-Insight can help Financial Institutions accomplish the following:

  • Create an Enterprise wide Risk Data Warehouse.
  • Define and design Enterprise Risk Dashboard for current and future predictive analysis.
  • Identify key risks within the enterprise and risk weights for different asset classes.
  • Create Risk Exceptions and Issues and resolve.
  • Provide an architecture for Risk Managers to define customized risk and scoring models.
  • Create a risk aware organization satisfying regulatory & compliance requirements
  • Provide a Regulatory Capital Risk Engine with predefined business lines and product specific pre-computed risk formulas for business data management and risk computation.
Z-Insight Transforms Risks into Value.

Z-Insight Discovery Compliance Engine is an integrated Basel II solution framework meant for financial institutions to measure and mitigate risk transforming it in to value. Z-Insight has the following components :

  • Risk Dashboard
  • Risk Exception Manager
  • Risk Issue Tracker
  • Risk Balanced Score Card
  • Risk Data Mart
  • Risk Engine
  • Security & Product Administration

Z-Insight manages Enterprise Risk (Credit Risk, Market Risk & Operational Risk) to maximize firm value and to enable companies to make prudent financial decisions. Financial decision making is a very critical element in the success of any organization and a well informed decision can change the future course of the company. Our Z-Insight solution will enable companies to make the right decisions.

Z-Insight Solution is based on our industry expertise and experience in implementing solutions for fortune 500 companies and is easily integrated with existing IT infrastructure.

Z-Insight integrates people, process, applications and information across the enterprise, simplifying processes, reducing redundant work efforts and optimizing IT resources.